Triad cited in cerebral palsy lawsuit

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Triad, a Wisconsin-based company that manufactures medical wipes and swabs, was recently cited in a lawsuit filed by the parents of a boy who suffered serious brain damage after his birth. The lawsuit was originally filed against the hospital in which the boy was born, however, it was amended to include Triad after their wipes were found to be contaminated with Bacillus cereus bacteria.

The boy was placed in neonatal care, along with his twin brother, because they were born prematurely. While in the care unit, the boy contracted a Bacillus cereus infection, which liquified part of his brain and caused him to suffer from cerebral palsy. It was discovered that the boy had been exposed to the contaminated wipes while he was in neonatal care. Today, the 3-year-old boy cannot walk, speak, or eat without using a tube, while his twin brother is in perfect health.

The contaminated Triad alcohol wipes have been linked to at least eight deaths and 11 other infections. This is the third lawsuit filed against the company.

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