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Wisconsin road accidents involving farm machinery increase during harvest time

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According to an article from the Sheboygan Press, the number of accidents that occur increases at harvest time. In fact, records from the Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation show that farm machinery crashes occurred 1,400 times from 2005 to 2012, which included 25 fatal collisions and 708 injuries.

Washington County farmer Ross Bishop said that with farms getting bigger, farmers are forced to travel more distances. Bishop said he travels 13 miles on his tractor and cited the dangers of doing so, which include the possibility of collisions with cars, especially in the morning and in the late afternoon.

The state Department of Transportation and the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection said that a group of farmers, road officials, and equipment manufacturers have started researching the effects of heavy farm machinery on roadways and are planning to suggest the crafting of a new law that would address the issue, as newer farm machinery can cause considerable damage to road infrastructures that are at least 50 years old.

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