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Wisconsin families sue GM for fatal 2006 auto accident

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The families Natasha Weigel, 18, and Amy Lynn Rademaker, 15, filed a personal injury lawsuit against General Motors Co. on Friday, March 22. Weigel and Rademaker were both killed in an October 2006 car accident caused by a vehicular defect.

Weigel and Rademaker, along with their friend, 19-year-old Megan Phillips, were riding in a Chevy Cobalt when the steering power malfunctioned causing the vehicle to hit a raised driveway, propel nearly 40 feet in the air, and crash into a telephone pole and two trees.

In addition to the steering and engine malfunction, the airbags did not deploy, resulting in serious injuries for all of the girls. Phillips survived the accident with permanent brain damage. The families are suing GM for $50,000 each.

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