Sheboygan Defective Child Safety Seat Lawyers

The safest way for a child to travel in an automobile is in a child safety seat. These seats are designed to hold your child in place and protect them from injury if you are involved in an automobile accident. Unfortunately, manufacturers are occasionally negligent in the design and production of child safety seats and thousands of defective child safety seats are produced each year. Defective child safety seats put your child at risk of serious injury, but you may not be aware of the defect until it is too late. Poorly designed harnesses, ineffective safety belts, and defective padding are all causes of injuries for children in safety seats. In some cases, the seats are not properly installed due to confusing instructions. In other cases, the devices built into the safety seat that are meant to hold your child in place may break and fail to protect your child if a collision occurs. If your child has been harmed due to a defective child safety seat, contact an attorney immediately to ensure that your child’s rights are protected as you pursue a lawsuit against those liable for their injury.

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