Sheboygan Automobile Design Defects Lawyers

With traffic levels at an all time high and the growing popularity of distractions such as cell phones and MP3 players, it is no wonder that the chances of being involved in a car accident have greatly increased over recent years. In the event of a collision, the safe design of your vehicle is vital to you escaping an accident without injuries. Unfortunately, the demand for lighter, faster, and more fuel efficient vehicles has caused manufacturers to focus less on safety. Consumers truly pay the price when the safety of the design of the car is overlooked. Injuries may include broken bones, brain damage, spinal injuries, and whiplash. Every year, thousands of vehicles are released into the market that are poorly or defectively designed, putting thousands of people at risk for serious and sometimes fatal injuries. In some cases, the collision may be caused by the defect of the car, leaving the driver and passenger helpless in the event of an accident.

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