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Americans drive a countless number of miles each year, making it vital that our roads are maintained properly to ensure that they are safe for drivers and passengers alike. Unfortunately, roadways that are improperly maintained may cause accidents that can put people at risk of serious injury.

It is the responsibility of city and state municipal departments to make sure that public roadways are properly maintained and are free from serious defects. Failure to efficiently address serious concerns like road defects may result in devastating accidents. Injured individuals deserve to have a highly skilled Sheboygan roadway defects lawyer of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, fighting diligently to help secure the compensation to which they may be entitled following an accident caused by such municipal negligence.

Cases We Handle

Civil law provides for victims of municipal negligence by potentially awarding compensation for several types of injuries, damages, and out-of-pocket expenses. Under civil law, a person may be able to pursue compensation for accidents caused by roadway defects, such as:

Road and highway defects can cause serious injuries for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. With a qualified personal injury lawyer on your side, you may be able to secure compensation for medical expenses incurred due to a serious accident that was not your fault.

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