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Large, 18-wheeler trucks can be extremely beneficial and productive when they are working properly. However, like any other vehicle, these trucks require parts that function as they are meant to. Unfortunately, a lot of truck manufacturers fail to ensure that integral parts, such as brakes, are working as they should.

In fact, brake defects are one of the more prevalent types of mechanical defects that plague trucks, causing many truck accidents every year in the United States. However, most, if not all, of these accidents could have been prevented if those who make and distribute brake parts were more careful. In such situations, though, the parties who are responsible for creating the defective brakes may be held accountable for the repercussions these defective parts cause.

Common Brake Problems

Manufacturing brakes for a semi-truck is an important task that must be done correctly; otherwise, the brakes that are placed in these large vehicles may be unsafe and potentially cause devastating accidents. Unfortunately, some of the more common brake defects that affect trucks include:

  • Loose / flimsy brakes
  • Faulty brake pads
  • Pulsing brakes
  • Failure to stop when braking

These defects can, as you might guess, be extremely dangerous for a truck driver, but also for any other driver on the road, as he or she might be hit by the truck driver when their brakes malfunction.

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