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Tragically, devastating car accidents involving 18-wheeler vehicles occur every day. And, while many people blame the drivers for these accidents, there are many cases in which the drivers in question are not at fault. In fact, the fault often lies with auto designers and manufacturers who fail to produce safe and properly working parts.

One of the most dangerous parts defects that a truck can have is a tire defect. Without properly working brakes, a truck can easily lose control and crash, often at high speeds, into other vehicles. Sadly, these defects often could have been prevented, and hence, so too could have been the accident that ended up injuring innocent people.

Common Tire Defects

While 18-wheelers often have the same tire defects that smaller vehicles’ experience, the number of tires on a semi-truck and it’s sheer size make these defects all the more dangerous. Some common tire defects that affect a truck’s safety include:

  • Separation of tread
  • Tire bulges
  • Tire pressure issues
  • Tire blowout / explosion
  • Design defect in belt / tread

All of these tire defects can significantly increase the risk of an accident involving a large 18-wheeler truck occurring, and such accidents can easily lead to serious injury for those involved. This might include not just the driver of the 18-wheeler, but any person in a vehicle that this truck hits as well. In many cases, the manufacturer of the tire may be at fault for the accident, and you could be due compensation if you are injured because of such an accident.

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